We are going to build a platform for e-Learning community.

Our aim is to create a platform that has a payment system in cryptocurrency (In TRC Token) in order to make payment decentralized and transparent where both creater and user will get rightly benefited.


What Is DEP Foundation?

E -Learning Platform that will focus on empowerment & development of E-Learning community with payment system in TRC Token (DEP).

In the decade, cryptocurrency and E-Learning have been growing very rapidly. If two different growing communities are brought together , then the growth of both communities can accelerate. So, the first and most important vision of e-Learning Platform is to introduce these both growing communities to each other at one place. We are going to build a platform where e-Learning community (student/writer/teacher etc) will be encouraged with the help of cryptocurrency.

DEP foundation DEP

Our vision is to develop a trusted platform for e-Learning community where creator and user can interact with each other similar to the traditional learning system.


How the likelihood of fraud is reduced with a global decentralized reputation and trust system

On our platform there will be mainly 2 types of teachers, contract based and freelance.
For contract based teachers:-To do the quality tests of teachers, they must have to go through a verification test whose verifier will be the moderator of the platform. When their verification will be tested, they will be given a reputation tag.To make the verification process easier and avoid fraudulent they have to pay fees to apply for verification. When their verification will be completed if they are found correct then their verification fee will be returned to them but if they are found guilty then their fee will not be returned.
For Freelance Based Teachers:-They will not have to go through any verification process.

Whenever a content creator upload any kind of content on platform , their content will have to undergo a approval process ,where the administrator will check whether the content category and its labelled category are correct or not.

Users may rate and give their opinion about the content , that how effective is the content. Those content have more votes and have more effective review will be more promoted. Reviews will decide whether content will promoted , demoted or removed. Content creator can also claim that given review by user/users are fake. In that case , an administrator will check whether counter claim by creator is right or wrong. If their counter claim will be right , that user have to pay a certain compensation or will banned . If their counter claim will be false , the content creator has to pay a certain amount of compensation to that user. By voting and giving reviews , user will gain xp and reward . weightage of reviews of user having higher xp will be more as well as reward.More votes and more good reviews on the contents of content creator will leads to gain them experience level . A user can easily verify that a higher XP level content creator can have better content.