Frequently asked questions FAQS

Some of the frequently asked question have been explained below related with DEP and it's project.

Decentralized education is defined as the transfer of decision-making to the users. Here creator and learner will have the power to decide their subject of content and charge for the content. Quality of content will be judged by the opinion of learner. Foundation will act as medium and escrow between users, and will provide platform and database for the content.

Creator's payment will not be fixed but will be given according to the revenue from their content. Foundation has no right to promote or demonte any user, that will only be based on reviews. Hence there will no chance of monopoly. That's why, rating and review are valuable and has some point, which will be redeemable.

Decentralized education have the advantage that all content creators will have equal right and opportunities. As foundation will act as escrow medium between Creator and Learner, so there will be less chance of fraud and misleading content.

As this is a huge project and its development can take a lot of time, Foundation will initiate development in Q3 of 2019. Firstly foundation will release its basic version and will upgrade it according to funding.

Creator can earn from their content, learner can earn by rating and reviews. Also we have incentive programs for user, which is mentioned in whitepaper/litepaper.

Foundation's vision is to educate the whole world through DEP platform. So by contributing in the development of platform, you could be a part of revolutionary change.

Early investors are soul of the platform, so foundation have decided to return their 100% investment in DEP, as a thank you gesture. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

By holding DEP token, you will be the part of destribution of holders pool, which will be 50% of total benefit of the foundation. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

Foundation will return back 100% investment of investors which will be in equivalent amount of DEP in USD at the time of snapshot. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

ICO sale wil run till 9 January 2020 and after that sale will be closed. According to the planing so far, the remaining unsold token will be burnt.But in view of the profit of investors and platform , it can also be changed.

10% of total token supply has been kept for all the team members involved in DEP project including founders , which will be frozen till 2022.

Small supply may cause problem in small payments when exchange rate will increase. E-learning community is vast in size, and almost every payment will not be large on the DEP platform.

DEP will be used as in-platform currency on DEP platform. Only DEP Token will be used for every kind of payment.

Content creator can be anyone, who want to work for the platform and provide their content to learner. They can either work under contract or freelance way.

They will either upload their content to earn money or get promotion on the platform. They will get paid based on revenue generated by their content.

Foundation have no rights to decide the quality of the creator, that will only be based on learner's opinion. But if a creator want to work for platform under contract and want its extra promotional benefits, they will have to pass under verification process. For more follow whitepaper.

Promotion of content will be based on reviews but foundation may promote more, if creator will be willing to pay promotional fee.

Learner's are valuable for the foundation and so their reviews and ratings. So foundation will provide them content at minimum price as well as protect them from misleading contents. Also their opinion will get them some reward. There will also be incentive program to motivate them.

Foundation will ensure their protection along with provide them best content for less price. They can earn prize money by participating in bounty program as well as by voting and reviews.

If they subscribe a misleading or fraud content by paying the fees that is prescribed then foundation will act as escrow between creator and learner and learner will get their refund.

Many content will be free for every learner, but in some cases or some other type of content, they will have to pay prescribed fee in DEP token for the content.

50% of total profit of the platform excluding payment of creators will be used for the maintanance of the platform and other development.

DEP's moderator will moderate the platform based on opinion of users, also they will check the verification of contract-based creators.

Foundation will provide many content and some other free demo course to new learners as well as we have referal program for users by which they can earn by inviting others.

Foundation will sponsor public education activities over globe, also by partnership with other educational institution and by providing them free material for their students.

If you want an answer to any other question then email it to us or connect us on Telegram .